Taverna de Minas cachaça - jequitiba wood 1 yo

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Type of Cachaça:Classic
Type of Wood:Jequitibá
Aging Period:12 months
Volume:700 ml
Alcohol Percentage:39%
Region:Itaverava (Minas Gerais)
Distillery:Taverna de Minas


One year old and stubborn. Crystal clear and sweet with a pleasant surprise in the aftertaste: a flowery taste. Very subtle. This is due to the jequitibá wood used in the maturing process. It is a classic cachaça, but due to the short maturation its temper is a bit restrained.

Perfect for making cocktails, but slightly different. For the open-minded fans who want to venture off the beaten cachaça path. It won a 2014 gold award at the Concours Mondial Bruxelas.

The distillers pride themselves on quality, and everything from raw materials to the final product is 100% sustainably produced. Moreover, they have the AMPAQ label;  the association in Brazil that monitors the quality of cachaça's. The family also organizes training for producing artisanal cachaça at their fazenda Taverna Ribeiro Real (Royal tavern) in Itaverava.

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