Morro Vermelho cachaça - oak wood 2 yo

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Type of Cachaça:Matured
Type of Wood:Oak
Aging Period:2 years
Volume:700 ml
Alcohol Percentage:42%
Region:Carmo da Mata (Minas Gerais)
Distillery:Morro Vermelho

This cachaça is matured for 2 years in oak barrels. As a result it loses some of its sharp edges, while still maintaining that strong woody flavor. Round, full and soft.

Best served pure at room temperature or on the rocks.

According to the creators this cachaça captures European refinedness mixed with the exciting romance of Brazil. This is no coincidence, since these are the roots of the old Portuguese-Brazilian Ferreira family. They have deep roots in the state of Minas Gerais. On the Fazenda Morro Vermelho (Red Hill) the cachaça is traditionally distilled in copper stills and matured in wooden barrels, but the family recipe handed down from generation to generation remains a secret.


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