Patrimonio cachaça - balsam wood

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Type of Cachaça:Matured
Type of Wood:Balsamo
Aging Period:3 ymonths
Volume:600 ml
Alcohol Percentage:44%
Region:Pirassununga (São Paulo)
Distillery:Fazenda Guadelupe

Matured for 3 months in balsam wood.  An extremely pleasant aroma with a perfect balance between the sugarcane and the herbal  wood aroma. A cachaça that is delicate, with sweet herbs and fine wood, all of a sudden getting hotter and much more spicy. Rather sweet for a cachaça, but who cares, this is just superb pinga!  Adding a drop of water makes the floral notes that were camouflaged by the spicy peppery flavors  coming right out!


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