NIB-shot - box of 24

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NIB – New in Bottle is the new sensation amongst Brazilian youngsters.

Small, but intense!

Nib is a ready-to-drink drink created in Brazil, for the world to enjoy.

It's a shot. A mini shot. An explosive mini shot. (15 ml - 30% alc.vol)

Nib is made with 100% natural cereal alcohol, fruit and spices, Sicilian lemon, cardamom, coumaru and jambu are some of the ingredients that make up our formula.

Its quantity is perfect to be put in the mouth and provide a unique experience of electricity, numbness and freshness.

Nib is for those who enjoy a novelty,

For the daring, for the curious.


To properly consume Nib, you need to follow the ritual:

  • Shake
  • Empty in your mouth (actually, only half a shot will do just fine!)
  • Keep in your mouth for 10 seconds
  • Swallow and enjoy the mind boggling sensation!


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